Friday, October 16, 2009

"Friends" 2008 acrylic on canvas

"Planting" 2009 acrylic on canvas

"Frida" 2009 acrylic on canvas

"Anandamayi Ma" 2009 Acrylic on Canvas

"Loved" 2009 acrylic on canvas


"Goddess" 2008 acrylic on canvas

"Marigolds" 2009 acrylic on canvas

"Kite" 2009 acrylic on canvas

"She eats pancakes at dusk" 2008 acrylic on canvas

"Mexican Sunflower" 2009 acrylic on canvas

untitled 2009 acrylic on canvas

"Mother" 2009 acrylic on canvas


"Flower Garden" 2009 acrylic on canvas

"Woman" 2008 acrylic on canvas

Who I am:

My name is Tania Elena Gonzalez Ortega - hence "TEGO".

I am an artist who works primarily in acrylics, although I have worked in oils as well in the past. I have done murals and art works for private homes, businesses, and collective art shows.

I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis on painting. I have received the following honors and awards:

-Dean’s Honor List 1994-1997
-National Dean’s List 1997
-Recipient of the Shirle Carter Art Scholarship 1997
-Selected art work for the Undergraduate Art Exhibition at the Wight Gallery organized byJoshua Dechter of ART FORUM Magazine
-Nominated by contemporary artist Paul McCarthy for the Lilian Levinson Foundation -Scholarship in 1995 (UCLA’s most prestigious art award for undergraduate students)
-Robert Lee Adams Art Scholar 1995.
-California Arts Scholar 1992

I have shown artwork at Metroform Gallery in Tucson, AZ, received "Best of Show" for a Contemporary Painting show in Boston, and have shown with an artist collective in Tucson as a benefit for RAWA (Revolutionary Association for Women of Afghanistan).

I have taught art in various elementary schools and non-profits.

Please feel free to contact me at:

I appreciate any and all feedback and enjoy the art!