Friday, October 16, 2009

Who I am:

My name is Tania Elena Gonzalez Ortega - hence "TEGO".

I am an artist who works primarily in acrylics, although I have worked in oils as well in the past. I have done murals and art works for private homes, businesses, and collective art shows.

I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis on painting. I have received the following honors and awards:

-Dean’s Honor List 1994-1997
-National Dean’s List 1997
-Recipient of the Shirle Carter Art Scholarship 1997
-Selected art work for the Undergraduate Art Exhibition at the Wight Gallery organized byJoshua Dechter of ART FORUM Magazine
-Nominated by contemporary artist Paul McCarthy for the Lilian Levinson Foundation -Scholarship in 1995 (UCLA’s most prestigious art award for undergraduate students)
-Robert Lee Adams Art Scholar 1995.
-California Arts Scholar 1992

I have shown artwork at Metroform Gallery in Tucson, AZ, received "Best of Show" for a Contemporary Painting show in Boston, and have shown with an artist collective in Tucson as a benefit for RAWA (Revolutionary Association for Women of Afghanistan).

I have taught art in various elementary schools and non-profits.

Please feel free to contact me at:

I appreciate any and all feedback and enjoy the art!

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  1. Tania's artwork is unique and inspiring. There is a sense of wonder and divinity in her artwork that sparks the imagination of any viewer. It is truly spectacular.